Sunday 9th October 2016 10:00am

Frequently Asked Questions

All 2017 3/4 Marathon RACE information is on Irish 3/4 Marathon Website HERE

What is the date of the race for 2016?

The Irish 3/4 Marathon will be run on Sunday, 8th October 2017 - Starting time is 10.00 am


How can I enter the event?


What race is being held?

The race is a three-quarter-marathon (19.664 miles / 31.646 kilometres).


Where is the 2017 Irish 3/4 Marathon Based?

Since 2016 the 3/4 Marathon race is based in Longwood, Enfield, Co Meath

This is only ~30 mins from M50 and 50 Mins from Athlone


What is the route for the 2017 3/4 Marathon?

Provisional Anti-clockwise Route for the 2016 3/4 Marathon is as shown HERE

Total climb over the 19.6mile/ 31.6km route is only 88m which is 3/4 of the climb in DCM yes


When do I collect my race number?

Race sign-on for those pre-entered on-line will be on race day from race HQ between 8.30am and 9.30am. 

Race sign-on will close promptly at 9:30am.

Will there be finisher medals and race souvenier tops?

Yes, good quality race tops wll be provided - details coming soon

For 2017 we are considering having a more valuable additional souvenir ( A Buff or similar perhaps) in addition to the race top in lieu of the medal - in 2016 we provided branded socks

We will havd 3/4 2017 at the finish line


Are the race distances certified?

Race distance will be measured accurately using a Jones Counter and certified by an AAI accredited measurer.

Will chip timing be used?

Yes, chip timing will be used to ensure accuracy of race results- Splits provided at each 1/4 marathon point.

What is the race route?

Information on the race route provided on the ‘Race Info’ page

What is the entry fee?

2017 Entry Fees are:

Entry Date Entry Fee 
Super Early Bird - 01/01/17 to 31/01/17

€ 29

Early Bird - 01/02/17 to 30/03/17 € 34
Regular Entry - 01/05/17 to 30/06/17 € 39
 - Late Entry - 01/07/17 to 31/08/17 € 44

VERY LATE ENTRY IF AVAILABLE - 01/09/17 to 25/09/17*

€ 49

* Entry will close earlier than advertised if race limit is reached early as happened in 2016

THERE WILL BE NO ENTRY ON DAY for the 2017 EVENT and No Wiating List

Are there elite entries available?

A limited amount of elite entries will be  available - Please e-mail with your elite entry request

Required recent half-marthon standard required for elite entry consideration is 70 minutes for men and 82 minutes for women or similar.

What happens when I enter on line?

Your credit card or laser card details will be processed and debited for the entry fee amount.

You will receive an e-mail detailing your Receipt Number. 

Please bring this e-mail to race registration to collect your race number and chip.


What is race souvenir is provided at race sign on?

2017 Details coming soon

For 2015 entrants got a quality tech tee and socks with the unique Irish 3/4 marathon Logo.

Race tops are sized so please select your size accordingly to ensure a suitable fit.

One of our key objectives is to minimise race entry fees for athletes and as a result we do not intend to provide a comprehensive "goody" bag preferring to keep the costs down and the quality of the event itself up.


Do I get a refund or deferment if I can't run?

Sorry, we are unable to provide a refund or deferral unless requested within 14 days of your entry (& only when requested before 15th Sept) 


Can I transfer my number if I can't run?

We will take entry transfers (1 per entry) up until 24th September 2017 only  yes  

The transfer process can be completed at your registration link provided when you register.

To complete the  "entry transfer" the new entrant will be charged whatever the current entry price is and the original entry will be cancelled and original entry fee fully refunded.


Where do I pick up my Race Number?

Race numbers with timing chips attcahed will be available for collection on the morning of the race at Race HQ.

Enter before 20th September 2017* to get a race number with your name printed on it.


Will the course be marked?

The route will be very clearly marked and marshalled. 

There will be signs at each km/ mile interval and at each quarter marathon point where interval timing will be provided to give you accurate chip timed results including 1/4 marathon splits.


Where can I leave baggage?

A key drop / baggage area will be provided.  Items left in this area are to be labeled with your race number.

Although every effort will be made to keep this area secure, the race organisers will not accept responsibility for items left in this area.


Where will refreshment stations be located?

Refreshment stations will be provided approximately every 4 miles on the route.

What will be provided at each refreshment station?

The following refreshment stations are planned for the 2017 event:

At the finish line there will be:

     - Water/ Cordial/Tea / Coffee

    - Fruit cake

     - Selection of Fresh Fruit


Where will the toilets be located?

Toilets will be provided at the race start/finish area.  There will also be portable toilets provided close to each refreshment station.

Are changing facilities provided?


Where will the First Aid stations be located?

Two first aid ambulances will be on hand for the duration of the race. 

When will the results be available?

We will process results as soon as possible after race finish.  The focus will be on identification of prize winners immediately after race. 

We aim to have printouts of results available soon after you finish but our prime objective is to have a full set of results available online on the official race website by Sunday evening


Will pacemakers be used?

Our intention is to use pacemakers for the course as the ideal marathon preparation event.  

Pacers will be running at the 105% of 3, 3.30 and 4 hour pace.  We're pacing 5% slower than your marathon pace to make absolutely sure you do not empty the tank on the preparation race.

Pacing will be based on the following:

 - 3:00 Marathon Pace Group: Planned 2:22 for 3/4 Marathon = approx. 4:30/km = approx. 7:15/mile

 - 3:30 Marathon Pace Group: Planned 2:45 for 3/4 Marathon = approx. 5:15/km = approx. 8:25/mile

 - 4:00 Marathon Pace Group: Planned 3:10 for 3/4 Marathon = approx. 6:00/km = approx. 9:40/mile

 - 4:30 Marathon Pace Group: Planned 3:30 for 3/4 Marathon = approx. 6:40/km = approx. 10:40/mile

What prizes will be awarded?

2017 Prize Details will be announced in due course

For information - 2016 Prize details were as follows:

2016 category prizes were as detailed below :

What eligibility rules are used for veteran categories?

Your category will be based on your age on race day.

Are iPods and MP3 players banned?

We request that you do not use personal music devices for safety reasons.  This is not something we can actively monitor and we appreciate your co-operation to maximise race safety.

Is there a race cut off time?


The full course will officially close after 4 1/2 hours in 2017. 

We will allow maximum of 1hr 30' for each section (1/4 marathon) of the course to be completed.

i.e. You must have passed the first 1/4 marathon point by 11.30 and the 1/2 marathon point by  13.00

This is sufficient time for someone to walk the course at a 6 hour marathon pace, so we feel this is appropriate.

Walkers are very welcome to participate if they are confident of meeting these cut-off times. 

Race signage, refreshmment stations, marshals and timing equipment will be removed in accordance with this schedule.


Who can I contact for further help?


Phone: Paul on 086-3503994

Athlone 3 quarter on Facebook Athlone 3 quarter on Twiter